Saturday, August 9, 2014

Swirly Haloween Cookies

Here’s what your going to need:
Sugar cookie dough
Orange, black, green, and purple gel food coloring
Parchment paper
Wax Paper
Lollipop sticks (optional if you’d like to turn them into cookie pops)
Step 1: Roll your cookie dough into a ball and then roll into a log.

Step 2: Cut into 4 equal parts.

 Step 3: Roll each piece into a ball and create a dent with your thumb, put some food coloring in each. If your wondering about the dent this will help keep the coloring on the dough and not on your hands. As you work the dough press the uncolored dough inside and push, roll, and gently work the dough as it colors from the inside out. Once you get good enough you won’t have a single spot of color on you. Trust me here, oh the places I have gone with colored hands (like the photo studio!)
Ahhh….pretty dough, clean hands.
Step 4: Begin to roll each color into grape size balls. Somewhere between nickel size, and quarter size. Take the time and make sure they are fairly similar in size. Not only will this give you a good mix of color it’s going to keep your cookies about the same size.
Step 5: Next take one of each color and very gently roll it together. It will kind of look like a beach ball.

Step 6: After all that rolling I found my dough was getting soft and warm, not good for coiling. So stick them in the freezer for a minute of two. They will chill just a bit and become nice to work with again. About half way through rolling the balls you may notice they are getting very soft again, just pop them back in the freezer for a moment and you’ll be back rolling.
While your waiting set up your work station. You’ll need a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper to bake on. Some wax paper to work on and sprinkles and a knife near by. Also, go ahead and preheat the oven to 350.
 Step 7: To make the coil start out by gently rolling the ball between your palms and then place on the wax paper. Gently and evenly roll out the dough into a rope about 8 inches long. I do so by first starting to roll it out naturally with my hands facing front and then I turn one hand lengthwise to smooth out the bumps. (make sense?) See how the colors are all kind of straight below? Once your done give each end a gentle roll in the opposite direction to “twist” the rope reveling more colors. Particular I know but you want all the colors to come out.

Step 8: Start out by rolling in one end. If one end is thicker use that one.
Step 9: Now coil up the rest of the dough. I found it was easier to gently pick up the dough and allow it to drop around the center into a coil. Rolling the dough flat on the paper by moving the center around resulted in bumpy cookies. If your end is kind of funky or pinched due to rolling, simply cut off the very end to smooth it out.
Step 10: Now gently pick up the cookie by lifting the wax paper and flipping it onto your hand. Roll the sides into the bowl of sprinkles.
Step 11: Place on parchment lines baking sheet. Bake at 350 for 8-9 minutes.
Want to make them into cookie pops? No problem! Just roll a few balls of left over cookie dough and squish flat. I used the little bits I cut off the coils. Lay on parchment covered baking sheet and gently press stick in.
Now just lay your cookie coil over the stick and press ever so slightly to make it stick. Bake about 1 minute longer for a firmer cookie.
Let them cool on a cookie rack, be prepared you may want to just sit and stare at them cause they look just that cool. :)

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